Making Sweet Memories

Halloween is tomorrow and festivities of this night can be seen everywhere!  I remember celebrating this time with passion and excitement while growing up.  It was a time to act goofy with my friends, dress up and go from house to house seeking the title of who received the most candy.  One year my brother even got together with friends and created a “spooky maze” in our garage.  There was nothing gross about the costumes and it was simply a “boo!” experience that drew my brothers, my family and our friends closer together as we all spend endless hours collaborating and building this spectacular maze that went from the garage, through the backyard and out around the other side of the house. 

When I look back upon these memories, I do not recall any evil involved at all.  It was a time to pretend, to laugh, and of course eat a lot of otherwise forbidden, candy!   My parents were very careful about checking our candy, explaining how to be safe, and making sure this was a time that we were enjoying festivities and not encountering evil.  One year I decided to go outside of the boundaries set by my parents and I walked through a haunted house that was not all fun and games.  Inside I saw horrible visions and was the most scared I had ever been.  I quickly learned why the boundary was put up and I never crossed that boundary again.
I know there is a lot of controversy regarding Halloween and its origin and as a parent now, I agree with keeping your kids from any form of evil if you possibly can.  I agree that people take this night way too far and make this into the most evil night of the year.  Bottom line is that it is my job to teach my son how to have good clean fun on a holiday even if the world around him is screaming evil.  This kid is very perceptive to evil and very aware of his boundaries regarding it.   I will step out on a limb here and be completely honest. I do not see any harm in dressing up as a clean character; go from door to door for the experience of collecting candy and spending time with friends and family throughout the night.   It is fun.  It is meant to be fun.  You’ll never see me at an adult secular costume party, allowing scary costumes or scary movies, or playing that awful Halloween music at my house. Why? This is not why I enjoy Halloween.  Although the least favorite of all holidays, I do enjoy seeing my son dress up as Thomas the Train and fill a bag with goodies that I normally do not let him eat.  I take the candy and replace it with candy that I bought and know is safe and he is aware of this entire process.  He is aware that candy from strangers can’t be trusted; however the experience of collecting that with his friends and a parent nearby can be a fun time. 

Bottom line for me is that when my son and I dress up and enjoy this time together, it is a memory builder that has nothing to do with any form of evil.