Your Legacy Matters


This hashtag conversation is floating around social media with quite a buzz over the recent release of Dr. Dobson's book, Your Legacy.  In this book, the ideal images of leaving a legacy to your children and their children etc., are told in stories from the heritage of the Dobson family. What an inspiration to those who are desiring to leave something to their children after they are gone!  But it isn't only about that.  It is about the responsibility of legacy.  It is about the ideal purpose for each and every one of us to do our part in shaping the next generations.

Us single parents aren't off the hook when it comes to leaving a legacy, nor should we want to be. What are you showing and teaching your children today that will affect them tomorrow? How are they seeing Christ in you?  You don't have to be married with the "post card family" in order to leave a godly legacy to your children.

When I think about my son and the legacy I hope to leave him, one idea comes to mind.  When I pass on from this life, what I want him to remember most is that I am waiting for him to meet me in Heaven someday.  Hopefully I will have done my best to show him that salvation is most important.  Despite the ups and downs of our journey together, he can remember his mom on her knees in prayer, advocating for his life and salvation and being the example of a good woman and mother that he can appreciate.

Leaving a legacy sounds very heavy and full of hard work.  Well, that is mostly because it is what you make of it.  Legacy is important but the time and effort you put into it will determine the effectiveness.  We cannot let the busyness in our lives dictate the time and effort we put into our kids.  We only get one chance to do this right.  Whatever it takes, no matter how hard you work for your family, it all comes down to example and relationship. Show them through choices and actions that they are more important to you than other things that can grab your attention.

It's impossible to do it all and we tend to feel like we have to.  Life can get really busy and full of things that you are doing for your kids.  Just don't forget to also be with them. Really with them in your attention and intention. That is the key.

For me, the laundry tonight will just have to get done tomorrow. The house will just have to survive another night as is.  My intention is to give attention.  It's really quite exciting!

Remember...Your Legacy Matters!