Combating Loneliness

As single parents we can often find ourselves in situations that can cause feelings of loneliness. Sometimes they affect us and sometimes they do not. Although we are strong and push through with our "brave face" on, there can still be feelings deep down that we are forced to deal with and overcome.

Some of these situations include:
Walking into an awards ceremony at our child's school, alone.
Showing up to a family day at church, without a spouse.
Wanting to join a marriage class to learn how to love properly, but we are unattached.
Tucking our children into bed then sitting in a quiet house, alone.
Going to a restaurant and hearing, "Just one adult menu?"
Sitting in church during a marriage series.
School meetings for "parents of" and you show up alone.
Celebrating Mother's Day or Father's Day without the attributing parent around. 

Whichever circumstance you find yourself feeling alone in, shame, guilt or loneliness are not fun feelings.  I am not a scholar or a learned professional with what goes on in the mind of someone during these times, however from personal experience I have a few tips to help combat those feelings that often accompany single parenthood.

1) Join up with another single parent of the same gender and be a support system.
2) Start up your own single parent group to engage on topics that are important to singles for discussion without discomfort.
3) Pick up a hobby that you enjoy doing after hours when the kiddos are in bed. It will keep your mind busy and your heart full.
4) Bless someone else on special holidays that make you feel lonely. The best way to combat loneliness is to love on someone else.
5) Most of all think of the blessings you have in your life instead of what is missing.
6) Realize that you are not the first nor the last person to encounter the feeling of loneliness. 
7) Hold your head high and acknowledge that you are likely noticing your "aloneness" more than those around you.
8) Journal or have some sort of outlet for expressing your feelings.
9) Exercise.  Physical activity is proven to boost your happiness.
10) Eat right.  Food plays a huge factor in depression and negative feelings.

Have more tips? Write them below!

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