Enjoying The "Wait"


This word and I have had a love and hate relationship, lately.  Face it, we definitely live in a "microwave" culture.  Waiting for something we are longing for is difficult at times and we just want it now.  Actually, sometimes we want it "yesterday".

I had a genuine and lovely friend a couple years back who is still very precious to me in my memory. Her name is Claudia and one morning, she taught me a thing or two about the word, patience. I recently recalled her talk and was reminded of something very important that God laid on my heart that day she spoke.

She so eloquently said that in exercising patience we are in a "wait".  In the "wait" is when God can do amazing things!  Why would we want to rush through that time? Why wouldn't we absorb all that can be learned and felt so that when we reap the reward of our "wait", we feel the journey that led us there?

After remembering these wise words it became very clear to me just how much God has done in my "wait". We encounter so many situations as single parents that have us in a time of waiting. What "wait" are you in right now and what could God be teaching you through your journey?  


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