Age Appropriate Chores

It is no secret that children need to learn how to care for the house and themselves.  Year after year, they are to be gaining greater independence and the way to invest for them to be clean and tidy adults is to give them chores as children.  It doesn't take much on our end to teach and then obtain help but when are responsibilities appropriate to pass along? I did a little research on my end and also reached out to you all on my Facebook page.  Together we have quite a great list of ideas!  They are listed by age group of what you can add to their list as they grow.

Ages 2-3:
Wash Windows or mirrors that are reachable with kid-friendly cleaner.
Set the dinner table with help.
Take plate to sink/counter after dinner.
Put dirty laundry into the laundry basket.

Help clean up spills.
Help pick up toys.
Feed the pets with supervision.

Help collect trash bags around the house and put new bags in each trash can when emptied.

Ages 4-5:
Set the dinner table without help.
Help with dinner preparation. 
Make their bed.
Pull weeds or help with outside work.
Sweep the front/back porch.
Help sort, fold and hang laundry.

Age 6-7:
Get water for family at meal time.
Help prepare lunch/dinner, including packing their school lunch.
Put their own clean laundry away.
Feed/Water pets without much supervision.
Wipe down counters and table after meal time.

Wash Windows or mirrors that are reachable with kid-friendly cleaner.
Clean their bedroom.

Age 8-9:
Help vacuum/mop floors
Put clean dishes away.
Clean bathrooms
Learn Laundry.
Learn to cook simple meals such as toast, eggs and grilled cheese.  Supervise when using stove.

Age 10+:
Mow the lawn with supervision until comfortable.
Wash the car.
Do laundry without much supervision.
Cook their own simple meals.
Stay home alone with siblings for short periods of time (upon maturity level).
Old enough to notice when things need to be cleaned.

All of these suggestions are based on the maturity level of the child and how comfortable you are as the parent.  I personally recommend making a weekly chore list per child so they can visually see what is expected of them.  In my house, there are chores you do because you live there and are a part of the household, and there are chores that can be done as "extra" to earn some allowance.  It is up to you if you choose to pay an allowance for chores or not, but nonetheless it is good for our children to grow up in a house that they have responsibility in. Mom or Dad should not do everything, nor can we.

A HUGE thank you for Suzette Rausch Redd, Andrew Sawyer, and Melissa Pinedo for their helpful suggestions in age-appropriate chores!

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  1. I totally agree. Kids need to learn to do household chores. It also makes for excellent parenting skills, teaching their children.