Listening to Your GPS

If you are anything like me, your GPS is your best friend.  When I first moved to Colorado Springs, the change from straight grid-like roads in California to the winding and twisting roads had me almost in tears feeling lost.  I was so sure that the folks who plan the routes throughout Colorado Springs sat back day after day and figured out the most humorous ways to get from one place to the other.  There is usually one way in and out of shopping centers, one-way streets that turn into two-way streets as well as the fact that if you are driving on a street long enough, you will eventually come to an identical intersection you had passed, miles back.  Same streets that meet two times.

Being from California, I am a very good driver (tongue in cheek) and you can bet that I figured I could get around town on my own.  Well after literally just one day of living here I began taking my GPS with me everywhere I went.  I call my GPS, "Tom" and he became my best friend whom I even had very interesting one-sided conversations with along the way.  Inevitably I would miss my turn or turn too soon.  Instead of "Tom" getting upset, he would very matter-of-factually say, "Make a u-turn when possible."  I found myself apologizing to "Tom" saying something like, "sorry Tom, I missed it again!"  I would turn around and "Tom" would help me find my way by instructing me on the next move to make.

This journey of single parenting is kind of like getting dumped in a new city without a clue of how the roads intertwine or how they will get us from point A to point B.  Whether you are encountering single parenting for the first time recently, or you have been on this journey for awhile, the roads can be crazy to drive on.  Some full of amazing beauty and ease, and others with storms and twists and turns.  How are you driving on this journey? Are you alone in the driver's seat or do you have your GPS, better known as God, with you?

Like my GPS, I find that God gives it to me straight.  His instructions in the bible and my daily interactions with Him through prayer and study reveal the paths on which I should take.  My job is to stay on course and not miss my turns.  But if I do, there will always be a u-turn allowed and the instructions on the journey ahead, available.

Thank you God for all that you do for me.  I'd be lost on this journey without you.

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