Tis the Season

Simply put, I love Christmas.  I have always loved Christmas and to a point I am almost teased for the joy I can find in this season all year long.  In mid June during a hot spell, I can be found sitting at my desk enjoying instrumental Christmas music and fa-la-la-ing my way through work.  It is so serene and peaceful that it really motivates me to write and become emotional in what I am producing.   I anxiously wait for the day in which I can decorate my house.  I have everything up around November 1st, and usually keep it up through January. 

What prompts such desire to celebrate this season?  I will admit that I do get caught up in the secular Christmas with the mistletoe, wreaths, lights, and baking but this does not overshadow the celebration of the gift God gave to the world one day in Bethlehem many years ago.  I find that the peace of this season helps me to cope with the not so peaceful days of single parenthood.  Very often life will become chaotic and overwhelming.  Playing a Christmas song is sure to lift anyone's spirits, so who cares what day of the year that is?  We can and should celebrate Christ coming to earth throughout the entire year.  Sometimes even in June or July,  a little reminder can make a bad day, not so bad.  At least, this is my "happy place".

Where is your happy place?

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