Ways To Say "I Love You"

My son handed this to me one day before work.  

I recently picked up a book by Jay Payleitner entitled, 365 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Kids.  I went through this book and highlighted everything that I currently do to tell my son “I love you” through my actions, and to my pleasure the book is quite highlighted!  There are some really great ways that were mentioned that I wanted to share with you! 

1) Get a heart-shaped cookie cutter and use if for lunch meat, pancakes, French toast, sandwiches, and sometimes-even cookies!

2) Learn the international sign language for “I love you” and use it across the room, across the yard, or across the gym.

3) Apologize when you mess up.

4) Say, “If they lined up all the
twelve-year-old boys (insert appropriate age/gender) in the entire world, I’d choose you.”

5) “You are just about the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

6) Empower them to try new things.

7) Get down on their level.

8) Climb a jungle gym with them.

9) Tuck them in every night.

10) Write “LOVE YOU” on a sticky note and put it on their bathroom mirror.

These are just some suggestions but I thought they were great! Of course this book is filled with 355 more great ways to say you love your children through words and actions!  I have found that the best reaction from my son is that he does these things back to me.  What a great way to teach your children how to love!  I have been blessed with a child who loves with a huge heart. 

What ways do you say or receive “I love you” from your kids?


  1. Love this, Meg! You've inspired me to take a dry erase marker and write a note to Robbie on his bathroom mirror tomorrow a.m. -- Thanks :)

  2. Great, LuAnne! Thank you for always being an inspiration and a role model for women such as myself who are following in your footsteps! My wish is that Bradley becomes as great a young man as yours are! You have some pretty amazing and respectful kids!