Too Busy For Thank You Notes

Christmas day has come and gone.  The presents under the tree have been opened, scattered throughout the house, and you are left with the memories of what another holiday season has created. I don't know about you but this season is usually a whirlwind for me and when it's over I find that, that is when all of my true busyness comes into play. I'm talking about the aftermath. The path of destruction left behind and the overwhelming feeling about taking down all of the decorations, packing them "just right" for next year.  Along with the bareness of the walls, shelves, and lack of festivity, the fact that my new chores have just begun leave little to be desired. 

During this time, it is easy to feel like you simply survived the rush of it all but don't forget about thanking those who selflessly thought of you as they were shopping. I feel lucky that I grew up with a mother who made sure thank you notes were written in adequate timing and that I was taught the art of expressing thankfulness for everything.  To this day, I write notes no matter what the kind act. I find it a way to continue an old-fashioned tradition of paper and pen action to express a feeling towards another person.

With the increase of technical offerings, e-cards are great because they require zero postage, but they seem so impersonal. Even if the rush of the "after season" is affecting you, be sure to place Thank You Notes at the top of your list.  After all, the people in your life are way more important than a perfectly packed Christmas decoration box.

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