Before You Date a Single Parent

So there is a single parent in your life that you are interested in.  Before you take the plunge to ask him or her out there are some things you need to know.

1) Our time is precious. We have a lot going on ALL THE TIME.  Like normal single adults, we love to meet new people and do things, but don't waste our time.

2) We need a plan. The days have long gone for us to have last minute discussions over coffee or impromptu dinner plans. Our activities usually involve another person caring for our children so giving us notice is vital to our functioning routine and peace of mind. 

3) Our children are more important to us than you are. They came first and will always be number one in our eyes. They are our responsibility and we take that task very seriously.

4) Please leave your parenting advice at the door. If your plan is to "help" us in our parenting, please recognize that we were doing just fine before you and will be okay after you are gone. Unsolicited parental advice is usually not accepted well so probably safest bet is to avoid.

5) Don't ask to meet our children quickly.  Honest fact is that our guard is up toward anyone who may hurt our kids. We will move very slow when it comes to introducing our children to someone we are dating.  In fact, don't be surprised if you aren't even mentioned to our kids until there is marriage talk.

Dating for a single parent is more than just a fun night out. It requires a babysitter, expense to pay the babysitter, uncertainty if dating is what we really should be doing, and even a little guilt that we are doing something for ourselves instead of for our children.

Many people may not feel ready to journey down this path with a single parent and I totally understand that. The journey can be very rewarding but is also one that should not be jumped into lightly.  People can get hurt.  And by people, I specifically refer to the kids.

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