It's Valentine's Day!

Many people view this day as "commercial" or a way for businesses to make money off of the feelings of their consumers.  They "bank" on the pressure that this day causes to men who feel they have to adorn their wives or girlfriends with tangible things this day to "prove" they love them.  What a horrible way to view this day!  It is not a day of proving anything.  It is not a day that has to be restricted to romantic love either.  This day can cause many unlinked human beings to become lonely and to feel the ache of being without a partner far much greater than any other day.  I know a couple woman in my life who choose to let February 14th go unacknowledged or even despised.   While I can understand the feelings that would drive such decisions, I think it is a waste of a day to not overly express your love for those people in your life; romantic, parental, or friendship!

Why not jump on the bandwagon and tell all those around you how much you care! My son has been my Valentine since 2004 and we love this day! I may not always have a romantic valentine, but I can enjoy this day with my son, friends, family, and co-workers and just beam love!  It really should be like this year around but there's something special about acknowledging a certain day to go over the top. 

At my house we leave little gifts or notes around for each other.  I usually buy a little candy, card, or toy and he usually will draw me a picture that is beaming with the theme of love.  I have every single one he has ever given to me and on my hardest days, out they come!  They are great reminders of why I do what I do. 

If you are finding yourself wishing for the romantic love this Valentine's Day just take a moment to write down all the names of those around you whom you love and shower them with your attention! This day shouldn't go unacknowledged or dreaded; it should be a day for you to go over the top with your love-o-meter!  Share it and be blessed with how much you receive in return!

Happy Valentine's Day! God loves ALL of you!


  1. LOVE that young "Master Bradley" is your Valentine! Awwww...what a great way to celebrate, Meg.

  2. awesome post! my 2 boys have been my Valentines for 5 years now. we have a tradition of getting a heart shaped pizza and renting a movie. This year a single friend with no kids who is lonely & sad on this day will be joining us and we will add in a frozen yogurt outing as well. :) i used to get sad too, but ever since i know the Truth, that i am treasured, adored, cherished and Loved by my Savior, Jesus Christ, i dont get that empty, grawing, hopeless feeling. Today its a different story, i feel exactly like you, its a day to let him lavish me with his love and pour it back out on the people he has in my life. Praise God for the miracles He still works today!!

    1. Wonderful, Michele! Very heartwarming that you also are including your friend. What a great blessing for him/her as well!

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    1. Great idea!!! I think that is such a wonderful way to inspire yourself and I will do the same! Thank you for the idea.