God's Little Reminders

Life as a single woman can be daunting to say the least.  The plumbing is leaking, the car needs repairs, the flat tire on the side of the road, suddenly you hear a ticking from your engine, and that oh so dreaded heavy object that you just can't manage to lift.

Life is full of things that men are great at taking care of and women are great at taking care of.  Hand me a kitchen full of dirt and filth, a terribly decorated home, homework to critique, dirty laundry, a meal for 30 to prepare for and I'm on it.  Put me in a car that begins ticking, a flat tire on the way to work, a tool box to make sense of and I'm a blundering mess.

I'd like to think that I have dove into projects deemed for "men" and have succeeded however to be honest, I am as woman as women come. I prefer to cook, clean, decorate, bake, and handle the care giver side of a family.  Being a single parent has thrown me into the "man role" so to speak more times than I would have liked.  I do not have the money just to call the local professional each time something I am uncomfortable with breaks or needs attention.  I am forced to face my uncomfortable side head on. 

God sure knows how to take care of us though doesn't He?  I think back to all of the times I was thrown into these "man moments" and I got through them just fine.  Does it still cause me anxiety when I hear the tick in the car or I notice the leak in the sink? Yes but without fail, I am reminded of God's grace to me.  I get through it and He provides.

About a month ago, I encountered an issue with my brakes and took it to a local shop.  Fixed for FREE.  I then bought headlights for my car since one was out and it was fixed by my dealer for FREE.   I still get that slight discomfort at the brake repair shop, the dealer, and the auto parts store, but God is always there.  Sometimes it's His amazing presence with me, or a faithful friend, or as in the case last month, a friend, my mom and my dad.  (who were visiting)  That same day I had my brakes and headlights fixed my parents also had my leaky sink fixed.  I felt so overwhelmed with that blessing!

What  loving reminders of my Father's love for me!  Even in the "man moments" which would seem futile to some, but to me are a very big deal. Thank you God, thank you parents, and thank you friends for the loving reminders.