Contemplating Abortion?

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of Roe vs.Wade in which it became legal for women to have abortions.  I could easily stand on a soap box and quote biblical scripture which speaks out against the killing of unborn children, however I quite honestly do not feel comfortable "bible thumping" for lack of a better phrase in order to express my grief and sincere sorrow for the 55 million babies who have been murdered in the United States alone since the start of this everyday tragedy.  As much as my heart breaks for these unborn children, my heart breaks even more for the scars left on the women who have made this life-altering choice.  And even further than that, I grieve for those making their decisions right now of whether or not to choose life.

My heart throbs with compassion for the women who are alone and making this decision.  For the unwed mother who fears persecution for her sinful choices and feels abortion will solve her problem silently.  For the many stories of women who fear to parent alone.  

Every woman faces fears during their pregnancy regardless of the situation they find themselves in.  I happened to be married and desired my son more than anything.  I was faced with the decision to find out if my son would have down syndrome, because if he did I would need to make a choice of whether or not to have him.  I was blessed with the advice from a friend who said that she knew 2 people personally who had this test and were expecting a down-syndrome child after birth and yet their babies were born healthy.  I opted out of the test and made a decision that no matter how my child was born, he was a gift from God.  There are so many people who have disabilities and God has used them to be a blessing in amazing ways!

Let me speak to those of you who fear becoming a single parent.  There are so many lies in the world, lies directly from Satan himself that speak into the fears of a woman who is pregnant.  It is a scary thought to know that you are alone and that when you bring a child into the word, you will be on your own to be responsible in raising him or her.   I am a living testimony that even though being a single parent is difficult, it is full of rewards as well.  YOU CAN DO THIS.  You are more than capable of providing a life for this child.  There are so many options available to single parents nowadays.  There are groups you can belong to that assist each other with babysitting, parenting advice and emotional support.  There are assistance programs for finances and food. 

You also get to look into your son or daughters eyes everyday and know that you gave them the greatest gift of love you could. Life.

If you are "on the fence" with a decision of abortion or even if you have chosen to have an abortion, please reach out and hear all of the facts about this first.  I also encourage you to watch the film, October Baby.  You are never alone in a decision to choose LIFE.  For one, we at Family Talk are here to help you any way that we can. Please reach out.

October Baby: 


  1. All life is sacred. Where there is life there is hope.

  2. Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Whether yellow ,black, or white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves all the children of the world.

  3. God bless you!!! The real "war on women" in this country is being waged by the abortion industry: