Welcome to Another New Year

As we enter 2014, I took a look back at the things I've learned this past year as a single parent. Every month produced different feelings and adventures but for the most part I have truly enjoyed the growth that happened this year.

Every year on New Year's Eve, I made it a habit to gather around family and friends to watch the 10 second countdown for another year full of opportunity.  This past year was the first New Years without my son.  I spent the evening in Denver, ate at a French restaurant, and bought Apple Cider to pour and toast.  It was a very full night and very enjoyable. The new year rang in however with snores on the couch as I fell asleep waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square.  I woke up about an hour too late and was pretty bothered that I missed this traditional event.  That less than normal experience marked what was going to become the year of many changes for me. 

I did what any other person does at the mark of a new year; I made resolutions. I was going to lose some weight, exercise more, read more, travel to a new place and most of all, I was going to keep my resolutions! Well, as many experience, I did not keep my resolutions to the full extent they were made.  I did however achieve some other pretty great things that can only leave me feeling full of joy with what 2013 has brought.

I forgave myself.  I know big statement, right?  I came to terms with everything in my past that led up to my divorce and I actually forgave myself for the part I played in the scenarios and situations that I had found myself in.  I acknowledged my short comings and set new goals of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to accomplish. 

I signed up for college.  I decided enough was enough and I wanted to finish the degree that I started over 15 years ago.  I am now pretty far into my studies and although it is very difficult to find time for homework, it really has granted me further independence and self confidence.

I progressed in my career.  Although my position title at Family Talk has changed a few times over with the various roles needing TLC, I have really enjoyed the team I work with and the progress that my career has taken here. 

I made an effort to get to know people intimately. The more I know of others and how to serve them, the better I feel about God's calling on my life.  He has called me to serve and I am only finding true contentment by staying in His will.

Those were my top reports for this past year but as you can imagine there were many experiences that God used to teach me life lessons or mold me into the person that I am to be.  Through the ups and the downs, it has been apparent that even though my personal resolutions weren't accomplished in the way I'd imagined they would have been, God still used goals, people and circumstances for His purpose in my life.  Through those I feel I've grown into a better single mom.

Here's to another 10 second countdown!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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