Got Time?

I am tired.  I feel like I am always tired.  Can anyone relate?  If you were to create a list of your weekly activities do you feel it would become a published novel of the itinerary of a super human? Well it may not, but it sure does feel like a very heavy load to bear at times, especially on your own.  

Let’s take a minute to do something you probably haven’t done yet today.

Breathe in deeply.

Now breathe out. 

Feel better?  For a split second you probably did but let’s be honest, now your mind is racing to all of the tasks that have yet to be accomplished today.  Let us not forget the guilt that might also be weighing on your mind with regards to all that should get done however those things will likely be on hold until that magic moment when you have something people like to call “time”. 

Have you ever had anyone tell you, “What you need is time alone” or “Take time to discover who you are now that you are single”?  Well those are definitely things that are great for anyone in our situation to do, however both of those phrases contain the word “time”; a commodity that more than likely you do not possess and I know that I do not have much of.

When you do have time how do you use it?  Are you concentrated on tasks throughout the day and using all of your extra time to accomplish more and more? If you are like me, you get overwhelmed at the thought of everything you have to do that you find yourself running in circles trying to keep up.  I call this the “I gotta attitude”.  I gotta be the PTA Mom, House Cleaner, Cook, Co-worker, Financial Guru, Sunday School Teacher, Taxi name it!  You want to be involved and you want to shine so that you can feel that you are doing the best parental job possible for your children. I have some news for those of you who feel as I do sometimes or even all the time, the cycle will never stop as long as you feed it.

It is great to use extra time for involvement in things that are beneficial for your children but just as you would recommend for your children to not burn themselves out, you need to listen to your own advice!  It is difficult; trust me I know! How you use your extra time is very important but what if you really don’t see a way to have any time?

I have asked a few single parents that I know and below are the compiled suggestions.

1)   Enjoy the downtime in carpool.
2)   Wake up 15 minutes before your kids typically do.
3)   Take a different route to the office while your favorite music is playing.
4)   Actually take your lunch break at work and leave the office.
5)   Decide what needs to go on your “to do” list and remove what doesn't need to be there.
6)   Practice saying “no” to things that are not of utmost importance.
7)   If able to, get a babysitter one night per month.

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