Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and while everyone is scrambling to buy the perfect gift and card for their dad, most single parents are struggling with another difficult holiday. We celebrate dads for the great fathers they have been to their sons or daughters and we exclaim to the highest mountain, our love for them and thankfulness for who they are.  In my situation, my son's dad hasn't been anything incredible for his son and quite frankly has not really been around.  What is a parent to do with a holiday like Father's Day when the father hasn't really even grasped the enormity of such a title?

God has really grabbed my heart regarding situations such as these.  He reminds me over and over that it is not to my comfort that I do things, but to my son's comfort.  My son has gone through the death of my marriage as well and he grieves for his dad.  It is for my son that I must come alongside him and do things to help him feel a parental bond.  Help him buy or make a card, bake some cookies, or do a video message...  etc. The most important thing to your child is to know that you hear the aches of his/her heart.  Helping him/her in celebrating their dad, despite how difficult this may be for you, will bless your children.  They are, after all, most important.

What if Dad is not around at all?  There are many dads around your kids that you could collaborate ideas to celebrate those individuals. Maybe you know of a single dad who could use a blessing this Sunday.  If your child is young enough you might be able to just breeze by this day, however if they are not too young to understand what this day means, you can spin this day to bless them and it will be of utmost importance. I have no doubt that although it may be a difficult day for you, Mom, you will be blessed.

To all of the single fathers out there, do something special for yourself on Sunday or let someone do something special for you.  You deserve it!  I salute you and all of your determination to raise great kids! 

All of our situations are different! I would love to hear from you, how your family celebrates, Father's Day!  Comment below...

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