Be Blessed and Be Bonded

Life as a single parent for me is busy, mostly organized and even fun. I enjoy the bond that my son and I share and I especially like the times where it is just him and I and we are sharing in memories together that are specific to our situation.

He often comes to work part days with me and while I work, he is right there beside me drawing, creating a video game on the computer, reading and even finishing up his homework.  We share in commentary, laughs and stories. He loves being there and loves feeling a part of my work day.

That bonding time for us is something that only came out of our situation.  I love that being a single parent has not stopped the bonding process or the special memories from happening with my son. We are creating memories that we would not have in a different circumstance.

At night it is just him and I at home.  We have extreme moments of closeness that are personal to us.  My son knows without a shadow of a doubt that he is loved and adored by me.  The truth is that despite our situation not being in God's ideal plan for families, He is blessing us abundantly through memories that can only be made in a single parent home. For that, it is kind of a neat bond that a two-parent home cannot know of in the same light.  I am grateful for my son and grateful for each day that God provides.  Absolutely none of it is taken for granted or ignored.

What special times are had with your kids because of your single parent home? Have you given it much thought? What blessings do you experience because of your current path in life?  God is good in all situations and even if you are flying solo you are experiencing His goodness too.


  1. Different perspective too see the good of being single parent. Thank you for enlightening me

  2. While I agree with you that being a single parent is not ideal for most, for me it is. I have been a single mom for almost two years now, and not once have I ever regretted the decision. Sure it's hard, stressful, exhausting, and sometimes even lonely; it is also peaceful, joyful, and completely free. If I want to serve popcorn for dinner so we can play Zingo instead of dealing with a big mess of dishes, I can. I don't have to get anybody else's approval for anything. My memories are all mine. I put in the time, I do the work, and I get to keep those precious moments just for me. I am richly blessed in precious time with my kids, and sometimes I think I am the luckiest mom alive.