A Little Perspective

Duane and I hiked over 8 miles in 2 different days.  The motivation in the hiking was to be outdoors, clear our minds and spend some quality time together.  Duane loves to hike, camp, explore and pretty much just spend time in the majesty of God's creation.  Tough terrain, rocks to climb, mud, dirt, and physical exertion are things he craves time with.  He loves a good challenge and loves the feeling that the outdoors brings him.  Then you have me.  I am not a fan of dirt but I do love spending time in God's creation.  I crave the peaceful breeze, sound of birds and the beauty of it all. These two days I was challenged but walked away with some pretty deep perspectives of how our hiking was a lot like life.

As we began our journey through unknown trails, we found ourselves climbing rocks and maneuvering over and through tree branches.  Sometimes we were right alongside the edge of a cliff with a pretty steep drop and other times we found ourselves in the middle of trails without a drop in sight- all the while we knew we were climbing in elevation. We passed quite a few people on the easier side of the trails, but as we progressed on the advanced trail we saw less and less.  It was quieter and we felt more in tune with the nature around us and each other.  Every so often my foot would slip or I'd lose my balance.  There was Duane with his hand out to help me. I felt so cared for in this journey and well protected.

I had never been on a trail quite so volatile. Loose rocks, mud, snow, ice and steep hills required specific steps and actions that a normal, flat trail wouldn't need. At times we had to go slow and other times we ran up a steep incline.  We enjoyed each other's company and the accomplishments we were making each step of the way.

We walked, ran, slid, stumbled, mapped out the journey and chose the path together.  Life and marriage can be like that. It can be messy, slippery, rocky and difficult.  It requires the outward hand of the one we love to say "I am with you" and "I will help you". Let's not forget the incredible high five at the end of difficult path.  God has given us a helpmate and someone to journey through this life together.  Whether you are single and God is your spouse or you have an earthly spouse as well, no matter the circumstances, you are not on this crazy journey alone. Enjoy the flat terrain because the rocks, mud and hills are coming. Are you ready for your hike?

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